Rochelle Adonis Cakes + Confections is famous for their glorious wedding and celebration cakes.

Our creative flare and dedication to quality are easily seen when you look at our work. However, hidden beneath one of our exquisitely decorated beauties is a quality of product like no other in the industry.

Having seen a niche in the market 10 years ago, Rochelle began making cakes from her commercial kitchen in her home. The business continued to grow and in September 2008 Rochelle opened a small studio in Brisbane Street, Northbridge, before re-locating to St Albans Avenue, Highgate, where she has recently (July 2013) built a huge kitchen with plenty of space to accommodate the ever-growing demand for these spectacularly elegant cakes.

Signature Chocolate Cake

The most popular of our cakes, this rich, dark, dence chocolate cake is guaranteed to amaze your guests every-time. Each cake is layered, with Valrhona dark chocolate ganache and doused with whiskey vanilla bean syrup.

This, and its white chocolate twin, is the only cake we will recommend for occasions when coffee-sized portions are required.

It is frosted and finished with our signature ‘galaxy finish’ for celebration cakes, or for wedding cakes, it can be decorated with fresh flowers.

Vanilla Bean Butter Cake

The elegant vanilla bean butter cake can be layered with either lemon or passionfruit curds, depending on the season. This cake is most suited to weddings where the cake is to be served as dessert.

For celebration cakes, we most often choose the meringue frosting for a bright and clean white fluffy finish.


For wedding cakes we can offer five different types of finishes: dark Valrhona chocolate ganache, white chocolate ganache, the more traditional rolled sugar paste, royal icing [white or ivory] and meringue. Each are very different and depend entirely on the type of cake that you have chosen and how you wish to serve your cake on the day.


We view the creation of your wedding cake as a collaborative effort, thus we will only provide firm written quotes after consultation. We do not have a price list or catalogue as no two wedding cakes are ever the same.

For more information on any of our beautiful cakes, or to book an appointment to discuss your requirements, please contact the studio directly on:
+61 8 9227 0007, or via email.