Violet Street "cleanse" by Rochelle Adonis 125ml

Violet Street "cleanse" by Rochelle Adonis 125ml
Violet Street "cleanse" by Rochelle Adonis 125ml Violet Street "cleanse" by Rochelle Adonis 125ml
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cleanse 125ml

A gentle, moisturising hand, body and face wash that can be used in shower or bath.

elements: coconut, rice bran, castor + organic EVO oils, Margaret River Rain Water, lye [noun lye a strongly alkaline solution, especially of potassium hydroxide, used for washing or cleansing], Violet Street aromatic blend

Handmade exclusively for Rochelle Adonis in WA by    

Taking inspiration from Violets, we created a blend that would be therapeutically beneficial for the spirit, carefully choosing elements that would actively open the heart and clear the mind.  Individually, each of the elements have merit across a wide spectrum ranging from easing feelings of anger or anxiety, right through to restoring the libido! We feel that our violet street scent will bring sunshine to our thoughts, and a calm clarity to our senses.

‘The Powder Room Range’

cleanse - a gentle, moisturising hand and body wash

nourish - a readily absorbed luxuriant dermal tonic

spritz - an aromatic mist to freshen body and space

Satisfying a desire to provide our clientele with a contemporary powder room experience like no other, Rochelle Adonis has collaborated with Mika Soap to interpret a fresh, elegant scent, inspired by Rochelle’s maternal grandmother.

Violet Augustus Ford lived most of her life on Violet Street, baking cakes and propagating violets. 

Violet Street’s signature scent is an aromatic and therapeutic blend of Violet, Jasmine, Peony, Iris, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, and Orange.

Elevate the spirit + nourish the body

Available exclusively at rochelle Adonis, in salon + online