Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Nougat 50gm

Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Nougat 50gm
Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Nougat 50gm
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This product has a minimum quantity of 50

rochelle adonis nougat is a unique premium confection recognised for its luxury and quality. Crafted by hand in Western Australia from only the best ingredients, its flavour reflects the subtle, elegant style that is rochelle adonis.

this nougat will make you forget all the others you thought you liked.  this fresh nougat is neither soft, nor hard – it simply melts away on the palate. With each bite you can identify all the different ingredients that make up this spectacular confection. 

This flavour showcases Valrhona’s 70% dark chocolate, and together with plump American cherries, oven roasted natural almonds and a hint of cardamom, your senses will be transported to a higher level of enjoyment.  it is incomparable.

rochelle adonis nougat is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives


This delectable flavour is available in a 50 gram serve perfect for bonbonierre, wedding favours or as little gifts. Minimum order 50 units


We have designed these gorgeous little boxes with minimal branding so that you can customise them to suit any theme.


Tie your favourite ribbon around them, use them with a name tag as a place setting, or add them to a gift bag!